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Our Program

Our educational style is a non-comparative / non-competitive approach to teaching and learning. This style allows children to experience confidence in the activity regardless of ability. The fitness curriculum is intentional about incorporating important life lessons of respect for self and others, the importance of our words and the power they have, proper eating habits, use of and acting with self-control, cooperation and courteousness. Our coaches are big on catching kids doing things right and letting them know it.

Gymnastics teaches your child awareness:

Awareness of their muscles and body in space. Progressive exercises in the Junior Gymnest Program (JGP) teach your child how to stretch properly (important to all sports activities) and develop the shoulder girdle area for increased upper body strength. The JGP builds self-confidence in every child through skill progression; from the forward roll to the front flips, bridges to back handsprings, scales to handstands. With imaginative approaches to basic and advanced tumbling, vaulting, padded balance beam, single bar skills and flexibility/strength training, your child experiences new successes every week. How to make your body do what you want is an education and discipline in of itself and the JGP develops this awareness and love for fitness in a fun, colorful and positively structured caring environment.


SPORT fundamentals, TEAM building, and COOPERATIVE physical activities:

At the developmentally appropriate time, the Program's activities expand beyond gymnastics and your child is introduced to other sport fundamentals and activities that further build confidence through increased perceptual-motor development. Children are presented with the opportunity to explore the basics of such sports as basketball, soccer, baseball/softball, volleyball, track and field, football, hockey and others. All classes are directed toward building confidence and giving children a further head-start in future sport endeavors.


Meet the Characters that are Helping to Instill Important Life Lessons in a Fun and Impactful way each and every week.

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Salvador 'Super Sal' - Understanding his power to make healthy choices in what he eats, getting good sleep and being active.

Rudy - Learning about what selfishness is and how hard it is to make and keep friends when you're not sharing and taking turns.

Dan - Discovers that sometimes he can get hurt when he doesn't listen to Mom, Dad, Coach, or Teachers' directions. Important to pay attention and listen when others are sharing.


Betsy - Learning about the power of asking nicely Compared to being bossy and demanding.


Junior Gym -  Wakes up each day to help and serve others.

Wants what's best for everyone


“Our little guy gets very excited to spend time with his coaches! The enthusiasm and positive attitude you create are inspiring.”


The Lovell's

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