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Welcome to The Junior Gym'nest'


The Junior Gym ‘nest’ is a MOBILE Gymnastics and Sport Fitness program for ages 18 months to 12 years. Classes are offered at participating Child Learning Centers and township recreation programs throughout the tri-state area. Today, after more than 30 years in operation, we continue to educate and inspire little people to feel good about themselves and their efforts in a fitness fun environment.


Why the ‘nest’ you may ask? We understand the importance of being nurturing while teaching and offering correction as we educate the little ones we’re privileged to spend time with. The ‘nest’ should be a safe place to begin learning and thus venturing out from, as each child begins to explore their limits and abilities.



Our educational style is a non-comparative / non-competitive approach to teaching and learning. This style allows children to experience confidence in the activity regardless of ability. The fitness curriculum is intentional about incorporating important life lessons throughout the year. Lessons such as a child’s power to make developmentally appropriate choices as well as of respect for self and others, the importance of our words and the power they have, proper eating habits, use of and acting with self-control, cooperation and courteousness. Our coaches are big on catching kids doing things right and letting them know it.


Click here to meet the different characters that are helping to instill these important life lessons in a fun and impactful way each week.


Children learn best when taught by educators who respect each child's uniqueness and adapt lessons accordingly. An effective educator will give instruction that meets the changing developmental needs and learning styles within the group.


The Junior Gymnest is a Perceptual-Motor Development (PMD) program. PMD describes a learning process that we at Uth fitness embrace when teaching. Simply stated, the PMD process recognizes that children have their greatest success in the output part of a physical education experience (MOTOR: the actual performance of skill or exercise) when the educator focuses on the many ways children receive information (PERCEPTUAL) and considers them when presenting the material. The participants receive information through their visual, auditory, vestibular, tactile and kinesthetic senses.
The Junior Gymnest program educates its Junior Gymers through fun and imaginative exercises that stimulate the above senses and continually develops them throughout the Uth Fitness educational experience.



In the PMD process (see above), once information is received the child then needs to interpret the information before the motor skill is attempted. This interpreting of information is what fosters cognitive development. Gymnastics is an awesome all-around activity that fosters great development in this area of “thinking than doing.”



When a child is involved in a sport activity, confidence builds as their body begins to respond to what they tell it to do. Gymnastic activity enhances every aspect of a child's growth and development. Physically speaking it naturally develops speed, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and overall gross motor development.


Social & Emotional

Instilling life lessons that your child can later reference are true indicators of the impact an educator has had on a child. Our classes are filled with such lessons and we encourage the Junior Gymers to go home and talk about them. Examples of life lessons are; Our WORDS and the power they have, tolerance, appreciating and valuing effort not just results, self-control, respect, having and using our manners, patience, apologizing for mistakes made, benefits of working as a team, etc. The Junior Gymnest staff is committed to positively impacting children in the area of EMOTIONAL FITNESS. We do this by appreciating them daily for who they are and for their efforts. We are great at catching kids doing things right and letting them know it!

The Founding Principles of The Junior Gym’nest’.


Our Mission:

To instill a life long love of fitness by fostering an inner confidence and excitement toward exercise by means of providing a safe and fun environment; where every child feels secure to explore their limits and are appreciated and praised for their efforts.

Our Vision:

To be recognized as an educational organization that contributes to a healthier community by positively impacting physical as well as character development of all children entrusted in our care.

Our Values:

The Company’s mission and vision are

established upon and energized by Christian values that lift up all involved;

teaching with patience, kindness, understanding, mutual respect and


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