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COVID-19 Response

Dear Parent(s),



Our highest priority has always been the health and safety of the children and all those we are fortunate to work with. To that end we will continue to monitor safety updates put out by CDC, W.H.O. and local authorities and adjust accordingly. 


Below is a list of both steps we’ve taken in the past and will continue with along with additional steps brought on in response to Covid-19.


  • The care and maintenance of the exercise equipment.  Equipment is being sanitized before, after and when           necessary during sessions at each site.  

  • Proper hand washing is just part of our life lesson story telling curriculum that we incorporate into our teaching.  Hand washing is encouraged before, after and when needed, during class. 

  • Our stories of “What is and how to respect a person’s personal space will continue thus further encouraging greater spacing between children both in and out of Junior Gym.

  • Eliminate children holding hands to, from and during class and avoiding high-fives.

  • Staff will monitor their body temperatures daily. Wear a face covering if their State, local jurisdiction or school requires it.


We have always taught knowing that we are beyond privileged to be entrusted to educate and care for your child and it is our pledge to continue doing so to the utmost of our abilities.  Thank you for your patience as we remain open to adapting and navigating these challenging times.



Coach Jamie

Teach your Kiddos what SOAP actually does and how to wash properly

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