The payment page is currently getting updated for the September 2020-21 school year. If desiring to make a payment online, please email the office at to get a personal invoice sent. 

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The Junior Gym ‘nest’ is a MOBILE Gymnastics and Sport Fitness program for ages 18 months to 12 years. Classes are offered at participating Child Learning Centers throughout the tri-state area. Today, after more than 30 years in operation, we continue to educate and inspire little people to feel good about themselves and their efforts in a fitness fun environment.

"In my twelve years of educating children, I have never encountered a more genuinely caring and enthusiastic group of teachers. Thanks for helping build a sense of security and esteem in Hannah."


Kathy Sexton


Uth Fitness • P.O. Box 431 • Silverdale, PA 18962

Phone: 215-258-5690 • E-mail:

Phone: 215-258-5690 • E-mail:

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